Biden Meets With Powerhouse Country – Guess What They’re Planning?

Biden's Meeting With Xi Jinping About

Biden’s Meeting With Xi Jinping About Aligning Interests

( – In August, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited Taiwan. Since then, the relationship between China and the US has been at its lowest point in decades. On Monday, November 14, Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met in Bali, Indonesia, ahead of an economic summit of 20 countries with major economies. The two leaders agreed they needed to restore communications and work on aligning mutual interests, in what some hope will result in a more stable relationship after concerns mounted of a new Cold War.

During a nearly three-hour meeting, Biden emphasized to Xi that the US policy toward Taiwan had not changed and that China’s actions undermined stability and peace. Still, the US head of state said he told Xi that the US would compete with them but stressed he remained committed to open lines of communication and noted they had a responsibility to demonstrate they could manage their differences. The president also stated that competition shouldn’t create conflict.

Xi remarked the current connection between the two giant trade countries wasn’t benefiting China or meeting international expectations. He also noted the world expected them to handle their relationship. Yet, the communist leader also took the opportunity to inform Biden of China‚Äôs red lines. He said the US government shouldn’t aid Taiwan and said the military would engage the US.

Still, officials from both countries said the meeting wouldn’t result in a breakthrough. They said the meeting’s purpose was to re-establish how the two governments could avoid unintended consequences.

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