Biden Might Be in Trouble After a 2nd American Dies in Ukraine

Biden Might Be in Trouble After a 2nd American Dies in Ukraine

Sudden DEATH Rocks The White House!

( – After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, some former US military members decided they needed to act to preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty. So, they joined up alongside Ukraine’s military. On May 15, former Army infantryman Stephen Zabielski lost his life in the Donbas region and President Joe Biden is taking heat for his death.

Zabielski fought alongside a group of 13 western volunteers the Ukrainians called the Wolverines. Numerous sources said Zabielski and another veteran postponed an attack on Russian forces due to thick fog.

Forced to maintain their position, the men hadn’t slept for 24 hours. In a vulnerable position, the two decided to move to a safer position. That’s when Zabielski tripped a wire and set off a landmine, killing him and seriously injuring his companion.

So far, at least two veterans have died in combat in Ukraine. Additionally, another American is missing in action, and the Russian military captured two others. The Russian government said it will not treat the men as prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention but as mercenaries who will stand trial for their alleged crimes.

The US Department of State said Americans should stay away from Ukraine or risk becoming immediate targets of Russia and their allies. Yet, many say the Biden administration isn’t doing enough to protect citizens in the region.

Do you think Biden should do more?

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