Biden Nominee’s Past History of Racist Remarks Exposed

Biden Nominee's Past History of Racist Remarks Exposed

( – Over the last 15 months, President Joe Biden has nominated some questionable candidates to fill appointments on his cabinet, federal boards, and the Federal Reserve. In September 2021, the White House withdrew Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) nominee David Chipman after a bipartisan push to refuse his confirmation too root. Chipman previously worked with a gun control group that advocated infringing Second Amendment Rights.

It appears Biden may have nominated another questionable candidate to head the ATF. Steve Dettelbach is a former US attorney and partner at a prestigious law firm who attained the top levels of his profession. Still, that doesn’t make him immune to scrutiny. Recently, a 2016 tweet surfaced that raised questions about Dettlebach’s judgment.

In a tribute to Muhammad Ali after his passing, Dettelbach politicized the famous boxer’s passing and opined that Trump wouldn’t have allowed him into America. Some say it was a form of passive racism and xenophobia — all mantras of the left-wing Democratic Party. The Tweet suggested that either Dettelbach believed Ali was an immigrant, which he wasn’t, or he was trying to make a bad political point ahead of Trump’s future ban on some Muslim countries.

Consider this: if a Republican nominee made a tweet comparable to Dettelbach’s, regardless of the reason, would it hold sway with Democrats?

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