Biden Officials PANIC – Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality

Biden Officials Face Depositions in Federal Court

Biden Officials Face Depositions in Federal Court

( – The US Constitution prohibits the government from censoring the free speech rights of citizens to speak out against its actions. Yet, businesses can do as they please, and for several years, social media giants have censored users on their platforms. The New Civil Liberty Alliance alleged the Biden administration attempted to combat COVID misinformation by directing social media platforms to censor users who countered the government’s narrative. On Friday, October 21, a federal court granted the Missouri attorney general’s request to depose senior administration officials.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R-MO), who’s also a US Senate candidate, said the Western District of Louisiana granted his petition to depose the following White House staff members:

  • Chief Medical Advisor and NIAID head Anthony Fauci
  • Former press secretary Jennifer Psaki
  • Surgeon General Vivek Murthy
  • Deputy Assistant to the President and White House Digital Strategy head Rob Flaherty
  • FBI Agent Elvis Chan

District Judge Terry A. Doughty also granted the Missouri AG permission by to talk with numerous other administration officials accused of colluding with social media companies to restrict the free speech rights of citizens on numerous political topics. Schmitt said he felt it was important to file a motion to obtain testimony after he uncovered documentation of collusion between Biden administration officials and social media companies. He praised the ruling, allowing lawmakers “shine a light” and force officials “to come clean.” He said his office would continue to push for the truth.

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