Biden Partners with Terrorists

Biden Partners with Terrorists

( – Many questions need answers in the wake of the Karzai Airport suicide bombing that killed 13 US service members and injured 18 others. One of the questions few are asking is how did an ISIS-K suicide bomber slip so easily past Taliban security forces? Could it be that the enemy of their enemy (i.e., the United States) makes them temporary bedfellows? The US government can’t trust the Taliban. President Biden said that himself. So, why is the president partnering with the Taliban, a recognized international terrorist group?

On Thursday, August 26, the head of Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, shared an astonishing revelation. He didn’t believe the Taliban was involved in the assault of US troops. Yet, in a separate breath, the general revealed the military has partnered with the Taliban and shared valuable intelligence with them since August 14.

On numerous occasions, military leaders have referred to the Taliban as “our Afghan partners.” It’s unimaginable to think this isn’t coming straight from the Commander in Chief.

In addition to the revelation by Gen. McKenzie, the administration acknowledged it coordinates with the Taliban in the American evacuation effort. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said officials speak daily with Taliban leaders.

So, it appears that President Biden considers a terrorist group as a partner. What a disaster. Could it get any worse?

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