Biden Puts America Second, Once Again

Biden Puts America Second, Once Again

Russia Drops DANGEROUS Intel – Biden’s Response Is Even Worse!

( – Russia’s war with Ukraine is causing significant food shortages around the globe. Ukraine is one of the world’s biggest growers and suppliers of grains, and the Black Sea is the country’s central shipping lane. Yet, mines are reportedly drifting into its waters, and Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the developing crisis. The United Nations World Food Programme called on Ukraine and Russia to open Ukrainian ports as 44 million people face starvation worldwide.

To help solve the global problem created by either Russia or Ukraine, the Biden administration announced that they are preparing to assist foreign nations with American-grown grains. on April 27, the US Department of Agriculture issued a press release advising that the Biden administration would release $670 million in food help to other countries. The statement also said the US Agency for International Development (USAID) would send emergency food to six Northern African countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia.

Still, some question if Biden is thinking about Americans first before aiding others. Inflation is running rampant, and food prices continue to surge month-over-month, leaving lower and middle-income Americans strapped for cash.

So, is Biden’s head in the wrong place? Isn’t it the president’s responsibility to ensure the nation takes care of Americans before depleting US supplies and forcing food prices in the US to go even higher?

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