Biden Refuses To Talk With Kim Jong Un

Biden Refuses To Talk With Kim Jong Un

( – Unlike his predecessor, President Joe Biden is signaling he’s going to take a very different approach to deal with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un. Recently, North Korea began launching ballistic missiles as a show of force.

Ordinarily, Kim likes to show off his capabilities when a new US president comes into power. However, he recently unveiled a new, long-range ballistic missile that has many experts concerned.

When asked directly about Biden’s openness to engage North Korea, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made it clear that Biden will not follow former President Donald Trump’s example.

During Trump’s presidency, he met with the communist dictator several times to lower tensions and develop a working relationship. Biden is unwilling to go that far. Instead, the president said he’s seeking some kind of “formal diplomacy,” but as Psaki noted, he’s not about to meet with Kim as Trump did.

OANN reported that North Korea views the Biden administration as an ongoing threat to its economic and political well-being. Let’s hope for a return to friendlier diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.

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