Biden Rescinds Trump’s Pro-Life Policy Overseas

Biden Rescinds Trump's Pro-Life Policy Overseas

( – In 1985, President Ronald Reagan ordered a prohibition on US funding to foreign non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) if they promoted or performed abortions. Since then, Republican presidents have upheld the order, and Democratic presidents have canceled it. In 2017, President Donald Trump reinstated the order but added exceptions for rape, incest or to save a mother’s life if required.

Apparently, that was too radical for President Joe Biden. In fact, Biden wants to make taxpayer dollars a priority for those overseas who want to obtain an abortion. Interestingly, the president’s impending executive order goes even further than those of past Democratic presidents. He purposely added support for women’s and “girls” reproductive health into the memorandum. The exact intent and definition of the order’s addition remain unclear.

A new Marist poll released by the Knights of Columbia on January 27 shows most Americans don’t support taxpayer funding of overseas abortion. Only 19% support funding the controversial practice overseas. Additionally, 76% of Americans desire stricter restrictions on abortions.

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