Biden Struggles to Remember Obama’s Name

Biden Struggles to Remember Obama's Name

( – Over his many years of public service as a US Senator, vice president, and now president, Joe Biden was a gaffe machine waiting to burst. Yet, over the last year, something unique happened. In the past, Biden spoke to make himself look good. Now, he’s embarrassing himself. The issue isn’t whether or not he’s telling the truth – although that issue continues to plague Biden – it’s about competency and his ability to do the job.

On November 20, Joe Biden turned 79 years old. Increasingly, voters are telling pollsters they’re concerned about his mental capacity and acuity. In late January, the media asked Biden why he thought so many people questioned his mental fitness. The president responded he didn’t have any idea. Perhaps Biden’s recent slips of the mind are part of the reason why.

During a press conference on Tuesday, February 15, the president offered another rambling speech. In it, he couldn’t remember his former boss was President Barack Obama. All he could do was say he worked for a previous administration. It wasn’t the first time Biden forgot Obama’s name. It happened in March 2020, when he referred to Obama as the last guy. Perhaps even more baffling to Democrats is that Biden has also confused Obama and former President Donald Trump. In reality, that’s incomprehensible. The two men couldn’t be more different.

Is it any wonder why 48% of voters don’t believe Biden is mentally fit to serve as president? What do you think? Can America handle three more years of this?

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