Biden Sued By GOP Governor

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

( – Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden’s legal battle over immigration officially began after a federal judge in Pensacola heard the opening arguments in the lawsuit. DeSantis’ lawsuit alleges that the Biden administration is neglecting and not properly enforcing the current immigration policy.

According to the case brought before the court, DeSantis alleges that thousands of immigrants have been allowed to enter the United States each month. He has also noted that many of those immigrants should have been detained but were not. Finally, he notes that the influx of immigrants has caused strain on the resources of the state of Florida. This is because many of the immigrants have ended up there and the administration has had to increase spending for prisons in order to accommodate everyone coming in, as well as provide more funding for schools and the healthcare system.

Eric Ryan, an attorney with the Justice Department, said regarding the case that the administration has not enacted and does not follow any policies that are “hinting at releasing” migrants.

However, James Percival, Florida’s deputy Attorney General of legal policy has said that the “[The Department of Homeland Security] has systematically diminished resources for detention.” As a result, more and more immigrants are crossing the border.

DeSantis previously in order to bring awareness to the influx of immigrants flew almost 50 migrants of mainly Venezuelan origin, from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. This is similar to the busing operations followed by many Republican governors.


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