Biden Taunts The Supreme Court

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash

( – President Biden is pushing for colleges and universities across the U.S. to continue working to have a diverse student body following the Supreme Court’s ruling that altogether prohibited affirmative action measures.

Following the ruling, Biden argued that this decision should not be the final word. He argued that while the court had issued its decision on Thursday, that should not change what America stands for equal opportunity and people having a “fair shot.” He argued that this was not something they would “walk away from” and that the country would not abandon the “dream” that resulted in its founding.

Instead, Biden argued that a “new path forward” would need to be created, which would help protect diversity in the college admissions process following the Supreme Court’s decision. He offered “guidance” to universities and colleges examining their admissions systems, arguing that colleges should not stop reflecting the country’s diversity following this decision.

He added that there would need to be a new standard consistent with existing laws that allow colleges to consider the adversity students have faced when looking at which candidates should get an offer.

Biden also stressed that all applicants would first need to have all the necessary test scores and grades and fit all other factors that colleges consider, but also argued that additional considerations, such as financial means, should also be considered. Other factors include where the students grew up, their family situation, and other such indicators that show the student’s background.

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