Biden Throws Democrats Under The Bus

( – On Monday President Joe Biden signed a measure repealing the change to the D.C. criminal code. The progressive wing of the Democratic party has expressed clear opposition to the measure, which marks a tougher stance on crime by Biden ahead of his expected re-election bid.

Earlier this month, the GOP-backed measure easily passed through the Senate. The measure would block the changes to the Washington, D.C., criminal code. The resolution was originally passed through the House in February. Prior to the Senate vote, Biden had said that if Congress passed the bill he would not be vetoing it.

In a tweet, he had written that while he is a supporter of D.C. Statehood and home rule he did not agree with several of the changes put forth by the D.C. Council despite the Mayor’s objection, including the lowering of penalties for some crimes like a carjacking. He added that if the Senate voted in favor of overturning the D.C. Council changes then he would sign the measure.

Late last year, the Council of the District of Columbia introduced changes to the city’s criminal code for the first time in close to a century. The bill would alter the way crime was handled in the city. Mandatory minimum sentences would be eliminated for many crimes. The mandatory maximum penalties would also be reduced for many other crimes.

Mayor Muriel Bowser opposed the proposed changes, stating they would not help make the nation’s capital safer. She further called on Congress to not interfere with the sovereignty of the district despite being allowed to review the laws passed.

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