Biden to Crack Down on Guns While Giving Son a Free Pass

Biden to Crack Down on Guns While Giving Son a Free Pass

( – President Joe Biden announced his plan to combat gun violence on Wednesday, June 23. Steps in the strategy include stemming the flow of rogue firearms, supporting local law enforcement, investing in community-based violent intervention, expanding opportunities for teens and young adults and helping reintegrate formerly incarcerated individuals back into society.

Yet, once again, it seems that Biden has failed to recognize his son’s failures. The president warned against falsifying a record when purchasing a firearm in a list of threats targeting gun dealers. He said, “we’ll find you.”

So, what about Hunter Biden? The president’s youngest son got caught falsifying a record while purchasing a firearm in October of 2018. When answering a question on the criminal background check, ATF Form 4473, about whether the person buying a gun uses illegal drugs or is addicted to them, Hunter responded, “No.”

However, in 2014, the younger Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine. He was an assault victim in 2016 while attempting to purchase cocaine and stopped by police with drug paraphernalia in 2017. Additionally, the family spoke publicly about Hunter’s drug addictions.

Lying on a form is a felony. President Biden said there would be a zero-tolerance policy. To avoid a double standard, perhaps he should start by applying these new policies with his son.

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