Biden to Give Away $800 Million

Biden to Give Away $800 Million

( – President Joe Biden continues to maintain the position that the United States will not get involved militarily against Russia in Ukraine. The president and his advisors emphasized doing so could cause World War III. So, instead of direct military intervention in Ukraine, it’s a proxy war between the US and Russia. The US gave $1.5 trillion to Ukraine and an additional $200 million for weapons and ammunition on March 12. Now, more money and military supplies are on the way to help the war-torn country as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to try to pound it into submission.

On Wednesday, March 16, Biden said the US was preparing to spend another $800 million in military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The president vowed the United States would do more in the weeks ahead. On Tuesday, Congress allocated the money for Ukraine in the 2022 omnibus budget.

Biden added America would continue to supply Ukraine with military equipment so the country could defend itself against Russia’s aggression. The president also said the US has Ukraine‚Äôs back as Ukrainians fight for their survival, democracy, and freedoms. The $800 million will provide 800 stinger anti-aircraft systems, 2,000 javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-armor systems, drones, machine guns, rifles, 20 million rounds of ammunition, and much more.

Will there be more aid for Ukraine soon?

Stay tuned.

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