Biden To Restrict Military From Using Land Mines

Biden To Restrict Military From Using Land Mines

Biden To RESTRICT Military From Using This Weapon

( – In 2020, then-President Donald Trump rolled back an Obama-era regulation preventing the US military from deploying land mines around the globe in the event of “exceptional circumstances.” Trump noted that the policy disadvantaged the military in its operations. In spring 2022, President Joe Biden ordered a review of the policy. Now, it appears he’ll overturn Trump’s use of land mines and restore the rule.

Under Biden’s policy, the US won’t develop, manufacture, purchase, or give away anti-personnel landmines. With one exception, the border between North and South Korea, the US will not use landmines for any purpose.

A statement released by the White House said that the president believes landmines have an unbalanced impact on civilians, and especially children, well after military engagements are over.

The White House added that the new policy would reflect the requirements established in the Ottawa Convention, agreed upon by 160 countries, including every NATO ally. The statement added that the US military would work to find alternatives to allow the US to join the Ottawa Convention in the near future.

Additionally, the White House said that the president is committed to our nation’s continued role as the leader in finding, extracting, and eliminating land mines.

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