Biden to Start Punishing Small Businesses After the Holiday’s

Biden to Start Punishing Small Businesses After the Holiday's

( – In September, President Joe Biden announced he ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to draft regulations mandating companies with more than 100 employees require COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment. If employees refused to get inoculated, they must get tested weekly. On Wednesday, November 2, OSHA announced it was prepared to enforce the mandate and issued the order. For weeks, employers plead with the administration to wait until after the holidays to implement the new rule. They argued if enacted now, it would hurt the economy during the much-needed holiday buying season.

On Thursday, Biden set the vaccination deadline for January 4. The mandate will impact 84 million private-sector workers. If companies fail to comply, OSHA could fine them nearly $14,000 per incident. There are numerous questions about how the extremely small and already labor-taxed federal agency will force companies to comply with the mandate. Nationwide, OSHA only employs 1,850 inspectors who are responsible for the workplace safety of 130 million workers. The order comes as businesses are struggling to entice Americans back to work.

On Friday, November, there was some good news as employers increased their payrolls by 531,000 workers. How many of those employees are temporary if they refuse vaccination? America could face significant labor and supply chain disruptions in early 2022 over the vaccination mandate. Numerous Republican states and business groups sued the administration to stop the order.

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