Biden Won’t Take Responsibility for His Poor Ratings

Biden Won't Take Responsibility for His Poor Ratings

Biden’s Excuse Is UNACCEPTABLE – He’s Blaming Americans?

( – On June 8, Morning Consult released a poll showing Biden’s approval rating at an abysmal 39% and disapproval at 58%. That’s nine points worse than former President Donald Trump at the same time in his presidency.

On June 16, the Associated Press met with the president for 30 minutes in the Oval Office, and the topic of his abysmal polling figures arose. The president blamed everyone and everything but himself for his flailing numbers.

Biden said he inherited a battered economy from Trump and the psychological scars people received from the pandemic. Biden even swiped the American people saying they are “really, really down” thanks to their bad mental health.

The president didn’t finish there. He also blamed America’s moodiness on the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ironically, it was Democratic governors who insisted on shutting down their economies and continued with mitigation orders for extended periods after infection rates started dropping.

Biden also refused to take responsibility for inflation and a potential recession. Instead, he rhetorically asked if it was his fault why are other countries experiencing higher inflation? Yet, almost all of Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America are experiencing lower inflation than the United States.

Perhaps Americans want fewer excuses, less analysis, and more action that actually works? What do you think?

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