Biden’s Big Promise To U.S. Veterans

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday during the State of the Union Address, President Biden called for more financial resources to be allocated to assist former service members who were struggling with maintaining a roof over their heads. As Biden noted these veterans needed assistance in order to be able to return back to a normal life with their spouses and families.

Biden said that it was time to start doing more with the country’s obligation, which was to help those who they have sent “in harm’s way.” According to the president, there were 17 veterans being lost every day because of “the silent scourge of suicide.” He proceeded to say that while the Department of Veterans Affairs was doing everything possible, including expanding mental health programs, some of the veterans were having a hard time understanding what they had gone through and seeking the right help.

Prior to the State of the Union address, White House officials had laid out the new veteran support efforts, with Deputy Assistant to the President for Health and Veterans Affairs Christen Linke Young. They informed reporters that the administration would be allocating resources to key areas in order to help veterans get the mental health assistance they need, as well as emergency support services. Officials added that improving outreach is a big step in helping more veterans get the support they need.

In addition, Young added that there was also going to be a housing assistance initiative to help combat the lack of stability for many veterans. According to current estimates, 33,000 U.S. veterans don’t currently have stable and reliable housing.


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