Biden’s Border Policies Have Become One of the Most Dangerous Threats to America

Biden's Border Policies Have Become One of the Most Dangerous Threats to America

( – Since Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021, the United States has endured a massive surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden told voters that he would reverse former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. After his election, wave after wave of immigrants struck the nation’s southern border, even as the COVID-19 pandemic raged on.

In 2021, border officials caught 2 million migrants attempting to cross the US southern border. So far, the Border Patrol encountered over 1 million illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2022. The Border Patrol encountered over 212,000 illegal immigrants in March, the highest number recorded in one month since Biden took office. In addition, 62,000 others evaded Border Patrol agents and escaped into the heartland of the United States.

Is America Safe From Terrorists Entering the Country Illegally?

On Monday, April 18, Fox News reported that Border Patrol agents apprehended 23 people on the terrorist watchlist as they attempted to enter the country illegally along the Texas border with Mexico between January 20, 2021, and December 27, 2021. The FBI places someone on the list when it’s known or reasonably suspected that they are involved with terrorist activities.

Republicans say the American people should know how Biden’s weak policies on the border allow terrorists to enter the United States. In 2021, Biden reversed several Trump initiatives, including a halt on building the southern wall barrier, ending the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, increasing the refugee cap, and ending the Remain-in-Mexico policy. Last fall and winter, the administration was caught flying illegal immigrants from Texas to Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida, among others, under cover of night.

Biden Officials Say It’s About to Get Worse

On March 30, the Biden administration announced it planned to end Title 42, which allowed the Border Patrol to turn away asylum seekers and illegal immigrants immediately without a hearing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Over the last year, Border Patrol has expelled approximately half of the illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border under Title 42. White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said the administration expects a major uptick of people trying to enter the US after the administration lifts the provision.

Now that the administration plans to terminate Title 42 on May 23, it acknowledges Border Patrol agents could encounter up to 18,000 migrants per day. That sparked a backlash not only by Republicans but also several Democrats in the House and Senate as polls show the public opposes lifting the measure, and it’s the president’s most unpopular policy move to date. According to Axios, on Tuesday, April 19, the administration debated delaying the order, meaning the White House could overrule the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Regardless, potential terrorists slipping through the southern border have become a serious concern for national security. Will the Biden administration take it seriously?

You be the judge.

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