Biden’s COVID Relief Package Will Kill Jobs

Biden's COVID Relief Package Will Kill Jobs

( – Joe Biden ran for office to be the Commander in Chief. However, he could end up being the job killer in chief. The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package working its way through the partisan legal process in Congress is likely to harm the job market and reduce job growth. There are at least five parts of the massive legislation that could hamper job growth.

The first is the minimum wage that Biden and Progressive Democrats are pushing. The only good news for Conservatives is that the Senate parliamentarian ruled the minimum wage provision isn’t eligible for the reconciliation budget deal. Democrats will be forced to introduce regular legislation requiring a 60 vote threshold to pass. In addition, the COVID-19 relief bill contains the following job killers:

  • A $400 per week additional unemployment compensation that de-incentivizes work,
  • Affordable Care Act subsidies that serve as one of the largest taxes on work,
  • Money to ensure teachers get paid even when they don’t show up for work during COVID-19, and
  • An increase in family and sick leave benefits.

Once again, the government may have good intentions, but Biden may grievously hurt the people he means to help because of his bad policies.

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