Biden’s Disturbing Clashes With Reporters

Biden's Disturbing Clashes With Reporters

( – President Joe Biden is uncomfortably direct, and it’s nothing new. Historically, if Joe Biden had something to say, he’d say it. It was one of the reasons former President Barack Obama nearly passed him up for vice president. Yet, Biden is more brazen than ever before from behind the presidential seal, and reporters are his favorite target.

His recent gaffe, calling Peter Doocy a “stupid [expletive],” is just one of the numerous hostile comments Biden has flung at reporters since taking office. There have been plenty more.

A History of Hostility

Biden often treats the press as though they’re the enemy. Last week, he barked at NBC’s Lester Holt, calling him a “wise guy” for pointing out Biden’s claims about inflation are bogus.

NBC’s Kaitlin Collins also got the brunt of Biden’s frustration when he laid into her when she asked if he was confident about Putin’s ability to reason.

Biden insisted he never said he was confident and went on to answer the reporter’s question in an unnecessarily harsh tone, ending in sarcasm. Without remorse, he told Collins if she didn’t understand his answer, she was “in the wrong business.”

More Than Just Words

When Joe Biden gets in front of reporters, he seemingly takes a defensive stance. He stands to the side with his elbow on the podium and often shakes his head, chuckling. Perhaps he thinks the questions members of the press are asking are too far beneath him to warrant anything else.

His favorite tag lines include “Look, here’s the deal…” and “Let me tell you something…” and reporters don’t seem to respond well to them. Like many career politicians, Biden has not always taken advice from consultants who might catch problematic hand gestures and body language, according to Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent and body language expert.

Too Many Apologies

Former President Trump never apologized for the things he said. By contrast, Joe Biden has issued a number of apologies. He often flies off the handle and finds himself in the embarrassing predicament of having to grovel, lest he lose the approval of the woke crowd.

President Biden apologized to Peter Doocy. He apologized to Lester Holt. He apologized to Kaitlin Collins. And based on past behavior, it’s safe to predict he’ll apologize to many, many more over the next several years.

Haven’t Americans grown tired of all the apologies? Wouldn’t transparency, patience, and kind humor be a better way to deal with the press?

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