Biden’s DOJ Charges Air Force Veteran

Photo by Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash

( –  On Thursday, the Department of Justice announced that an Air Force veteran has been charged with disclosing classified information relating to weapons and aircraft to people who lacked the necessary authorization. 

Paul Freeman, 68, from Florida has been charged after his Thursday appearance in a court in Pensacola. The charges were originally sealed after his indictment by a federal grand jury. The Justice Department has slammed Freeman for sharing classified information about Air Force assets from March 2021 to November 2020. 

Freeman could face up to a decade in prison on each of the nine charges that he is facing. 

The Air Force has noted that Freeman had retired in 2003 at the rank of lieutenant colonel. He had enlisted in 1984 on active duty. During his time in the military, he served as an operations officer at Eglin Air Force Base. 

According to the case, the alleged actions had occurred years ago, still the United States has been taking action to address classified leakers. 

Former President Donald Trump is currently also facing charges for his mishandling of classified documents after exiting the White House in 2021. Trump had allegedly not returned the documents in question to the federal government even after being requested to do so. Former Vice President Mike Pence and President Biden have also faced investigations relating to the classified documents that were found in their homes. 

Last year former Massachusetts airman Jack Teixeira had also been arrested on charges relating to leaking classified documents. He has since pleaded guilty to the charges. 

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