Biden’s Feds Open Gate To Let Illegals Come in After Border Patrol Closed It

Biden's Feds Open Gate To Let Illegals Come in After Border Patrol Closed It

Biden’s Feds CAUGHT on Camera Doing the Unthinkable

( – Texas is continuing to see record flows of illegal immigration across its border with Mexico. Since October 1, 2021, federal agents have encountered 2,242,413 undocumented aliens. On Thursday, July 7, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) authorized the Texas National Guard to mobilize on the border to apprehend migrants and return them to Mexico. On Wednesday, August 17, Americans watched President Joe Biden’s lack of immigration enforcement in action after Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin posted a couple of disturbing videos taken next to the Rio Grande River near Eagle Pass.

The first clip shows members of the Texas National Guard keeping watch over a group of illegal migrants on the other side of a locked fence. Melugin reported that the guardsmen locked the fence with the consent of the property’s owner to keep them from trespassing.

The next video shows Border Patrol agents arriving on the scene. In a stunning move, they produced a key, opened the gate, and allowed the migrants to walk freely on the owner’s private property.

Melugin noted it’s not new for Border Patrol agents to allow people onto US territory to process them. The reporter said what was new was the National Guard closed the gate to prevent them from entering the country.

Like Texas, Arizona is also plugging gaps to prevent easy access to the US from Mexico. Gov. Doug Ducey (R) said his state had enough. The governor stated illegal immigrants were overrunning communities and outnumbering law enforcement. He added hospitals, nonprofits, and citizens were overwhelmed.

Still, Biden’s feds appear to enable lawbreakers rather than protect citizens.

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