Biden’s Incoming Cybersecurity Deputy Director Wants To Target Systemic Racism

Biden's Incoming Cybersecurity Csar Wants To Target Systemic Racism

Biden Official’s RACISM Announcement Is Raising Eyebrows

( – The US government has stated many times over the last year that it’s worried about cyberwarfare from adversarial countries. In June, cyberattackers supported by Iran hit Boston Children’s Hospital. Earlier in the year, Russian hackers put their sights on an American satellite company. Yet, President Joe Biden’s incoming cyber defense deputy is pushing systematic racism as the biggest threat to US cybersecurity.

Camille Stewart argues that the most important thing her department can do is dismantle systemic racism. The assumptive cyber defense secretary said her agency should pursue anti-racist and anti-hate policies. Republicans are concerned she’s focusing on all the wrong things.

In 2020, Stewart claimed that systemic racism would destroy America’s democracy and was part of every institution in America. She also alleged that the economy lost $16 trillion because of wrongs committed against black Americans.

Additionally, Stewart wrote in 2020 that the Biden administration must fight against racism at all levels of the government, and leadership, processes, and strategies should integrate the objective. She also stated that systemic racism is a national threat and that cybersecurity issues won’t achieve their full potential until authorities hear diverse voices and address concerns.

One has to wonder how closely Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China are watching this development.

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