Biden’s Latest Vacation Is Rubbing People the Wrong Way

Biden's Latest Vacation Is Rubbing People the Wrong Way

( – It is not uncommon for presidents to take a holiday vacation away from the White House. Still, the optics of the most recent trip away from the Oval Office for President Joe Biden aren’t sitting well with many people. On Tuesday, December 27, the president departed for a nearly week-long holiday getaway to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands with First Lady Jill Biden. As numerous issues envelop the country, his vacation rubs some people the wrong way.

In Biden’s second year in office, the Washington press corps criticized him for taking multiple trips away from the nation’s capital. As the country faced a severe blizzard in parts of the northeast, thousands of canceled flights left people stranded across the nation, and illegal immigration could worsen — some are asking where the president is as the numerous crises rage on. Now, some Conservatives are criticizing him for taking a break during a difficult time for millions of Americans.

The White House stated that even though the commander-in-chief isn’t in the White House, he’s still working. An official noted he was monitoring updates closely and would remain in constant communication with staff until his return to Washington.

During their occupation of the Oval Office, former presidents Bush (41 and 43) and Bill Clinton remained in Washington during the holidays. Yet, Barack Obama and Donald Trump spent Christmas and New Year away from the nation’s capital.

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