Biden’s Plan To Fix The Border Backfires

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

( – During a recent appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures”, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott talked about what impact the recent executive order of President Joe Biden has had on the U.S. Southern border. 

Abbott commented that the executive order by Biden which was aiming to combat the border crisis had actually made the situation “worse” when it comes to illegal crossings.
Last week the White House had announced that after a certain cap of illegal encounters was met, they would be blocking asylum entry into the United States. This order suspends non-citizens from entering the U.S. if the number of encounters per day over the course of a week is above 2,500. According to current reports, the order is set to remain in effect for 14 days after an average of less than 1,500 encounters per day for a week is reached.

Abbott told host Maria Bartiromo that so long as the Biden administration is refusing to provide enforcement or block those crossing illegally, all this new policy would do is just invite more people to enter the country illegally. He continued by pointing out that there was no way of slowing down those who were crossing the U.S. border and that the border crossings were just being accelerated. He added that Biden was claiming that this border policy would stop people from entering the United States when it was in reality only making the situation worse. 

President Biden has received a lot of criticism for this recent move with many people viewing it as an attempt at fixing the situation at the border while others have claimed that the move is completely political. 

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