Biden’s Polling Numbers Drop Again

Biden's Polling Numbers Drop Again

( – Except for a slight bump shortly after the new year, President Joe Biden’s numbers have continued to collapse the last six months. Just when one wonders if the worst is over, a new poll hits rock bottom. According to FiveThirtyEight’s average of polls, Biden’s number is at an abysmal 41.7% after posting a 43.5% approval rating on January 3. Rasmussen Reports revealed the president’s approval rating dipped to 41%, and his disapproval rating climbed to an astounding 57%.

Before August, Biden appeared to have a short honeymoon period with most voters. His approval ratings averaged in the mid-50s. As the events unfolded during the botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the numbers started diving and never recovered. While the 2024 presidential election doesn’t kick off for another 18 months to two years, a president’s approval rating is often an indicator of how voters may vote in midterm elections.

How bad is it for Biden and Democrats? On Sunday, January 18, NBC News’ analysis of their poll determined Democrats were likely to get a “shellacking” in November. Polls show a correlation over the last three months: as Biden’s fortunes drop, so do Democrats.

A day earlier, Gallup released a poll showing party preferences in Congress shifted significantly during Biden’s first year in office. In January 2021, 49% of voters preferred Democrats to run Congress compared to 40% for Republicans. By the end of the year, it shifted to 47% favor Republicans over 42% for Democrats. The most impactful group turning on Biden in 2021 was Independents.

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