Biden’s Press Conference an Embarrassment, Fox Reports

Biden's Press Conference an Embarrassment, Fox Reports

( – On January 19, President Biden finally held an extended press conference with reporters. Many political pundits said the president’s performance that day revealed a pattern that looked much like his first year in office. Count among them Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren. The young conservative ripped Biden’s presser as an embarrassment. She said it was a complete train wreck by a gaslighting, incoherent, tone-deaf president.

Lahren didn’t stop there when explaining the national humiliation that unfolded before America’s eyes. She criticized the president for his impatience with reporters, who rarely get his attention and asked more questions than he may have liked. The right-wing host added it was Biden’s duty and responsibility to answer the press’s inquiries despite him protesting he didn’t want to take any more questions.

The Fox Nation host also chastised Biden for talking down to female reporters. Despite that criticism, she also lectured reporters for failing to ask meaningful questions on issues important to Americans, such as immigration and crime.

Lahren said Biden wasn’t just angry over being asked difficult questions. Instead, she alleged he might not have the mental capacity or coherence to answer questions, let alone serve the country in the White House.

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