Biden’s Reckless Plan to Go After Russia Revealed

Biden's Reckless Plan to Go After Russia Revealed

( – Is President Biden trying to get America into a conflict with Russia? During Biden’s first three months in office, he labeled Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer. Putin subsequently moved 28,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. On Thursday, April 15, Biden declared that Russia is a national emergency threat, placed sanctions on the country, and expelled 10 Russian diplomats from the United States.

In a public announcement, the White House said the US holds Russia responsible for interfering with the US 2020 election, targeting journalists, placing bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan and hacking the US government, compromising several US agencies. Each of these actions, Biden said, violates international law and poses an “extraordinary threat” to the United States.

Russia responded by claiming the sanctions are illegal and saying they would respond in kind. Additionally, the former communist country said there will be no meetings between Biden and Putin. The tensions between the two countries have sparked concerns about a new “Cold War.”

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