Biden’s Secret Service Agent Detained During Trip Overseas

Biden's Secret Service Agent Detained During Trip Overseas

Biden’s Secret Service Agent DETAINED After What He Did

( – Secret Service agents are among some of America’s most revered law enforcement personnel. They protect the president, vice president, and leaders of Congress, among other duties. It’s a prestigious job that comes with significant responsibilities. Ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, a Secret Service agent found himself in considerable trouble on Wednesday, July 13.

The Secret Service said Israeli police detained an unidentified agent after he had an altercation with a woman at a bar on July 11. Reportedly, several Secret Service agents stopped off at a bar after dinner. A woman and the man got into an argument that turned physical when the agitated agent shoved her. Although the woman was unharmed, she reported the incident to the police, alleging that the American physically assaulted her.

After questioning, the police released the man and didn’t charge him with a crime. Still, the Secret Service followed protocols and suspended the agent while starting an investigation into his behavior. After the police released him, the US government sent the agent home. The agency also revoked his access to Secret Service computers and facilities.

Officials refused to provide any further details. Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the agency holds its employees to the highest standards of conduct and that the man will be held accountable for his behavior.

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