Biden’s Treasury Claims Race Needs To Be Considered in Crafting Fiscal Policies

Biden's Treasury Claims Race Needs To Be Considered in Crafting Fiscal Policies

Biden’s RACIAL Announcement Stuns Everyone

( – On the first day President Joe Biden was in office, he signed an executive order (EO) that would tip the scales of what is equal and what is not. Biden’s order would empower the executive branch to determine winners or losers based on race. To make matters worse, within weeks, the new administration began using Biden’s directive to use race in deciding who would get COVID benefits passed by Congress.

Now, the administration is once again using the EO to justify a Treasury Department plan to use race equity when developing fiscal policies. However, the federal courts ruled the practice unconstitutional once. Yet, the Biden administration may challenge the courts to overrule another equity policy.

Biden Administration Doubles Down on Racial Justice Movement

Equality and equity aren’t the same concepts. The principle behind the American dream is that everyone has access to equal opportunities, but that doesn’t automatically guarantee outcomes. In the equity movement, it’s inverse. The government is trying to ensure similar results, which isn’t possible without the government setting the rules in virtually every area of life, especially regarding race.

On June 11, 2021, a US Federal court ruled that the Biden administration violated the Civil Rights Act when it restricted who could use a $4 billion federal loan relief program designated for farmers based on race. The administration determined that Black farmers would receive money, and any leftovers would go to White farmers. That policy led to a lawsuit, and a judge determined the administration discriminated against the White farmers in violation of equal protection of the law.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. The administration did it again with the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. So, a pattern apparently developed despite courts telling the administration it can’t consider race as a criterion for craftings fiscal policies.

Treasury Department Uses Race in Developing Fiscal Policies

While the administration’s two policies violating Constitutional rights went public, one remained unknown until now. The Treasury Department recently released a new 8-page policy titled “Delivering Equity Through Treasury.” The agency, which helps oversee the US economy, spends taxpayer dollars, and collects taxes, said it will offer fiscal rewards based on race when distributing COVID funds.

The document said that taxpayer dollars would be distributed based on the priority of need. Consequently, communities disproportionately affected by race and income disparity would get funds first. It also added that another strategy was to ensure that minority communities in urban and rural areas were first in line for credit, capital, and financial services.

The Treasury Department document also ordered an analysis of the tax code to see how it affects different races and the consequences of the tax code on other racial groups. It noted that the Treasury would consider reforms in debt collection practices to promote equitable outcomes.

The Treasury Department added that the announcement’s purpose was to “deliver equity and racial justice.”

So, is that equal if the government excludes White people when developing fiscal policy?

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