Biden’s White House Can No Longer Defend Him

Photo by Kristina Volgenau on Unsplash

( – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a heated exchange on Tuesday after a reporter questioned whether there would be any protocol change following President Biden’s repeated public falls.

This question arose during the daily press briefing after a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about Biden, 80, on-stage fall during the graduation ceremony at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony in Colorado on Thursday.

Biden quickly said he got “sandbagged,” after catching himself, and he returned to his seat without requiring anyone’s assistance. The reporter pointed out that while it is true that anyone might end up tripping, it is still hard to watch the President’s trip in specific settings. One of those settings included steps. As he pointed out, there was no sandbag on the steps up Air Force One or any other occasions that Biden had tripped. The reporter also spoke about the stumble Biden had while in Hiroshima. Reuters caught that moment on camera, and it clearly shows that Biden could be utterly unassisted regarding his balance.

In response to the question, Jean-Pierre said that the reporter had clearly been paying a lot of attention to this particular topic, while she had not, which is why she could not answer his question. She proceeded to note that what she could say was that the president had had two impressive first years and that he is going to be able to get a lot more.

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