Big Tech Bans Conservative Non-Profit for Hate Speech

Big Tech Bans Conservative Non-Profit for Hate Speech

Big Tech BANS Top Conservative Non-Profit – Is This Censorship?

( – Big Tech companies have notoriously inflicted censorship campaigns against Conservatives and conservative groups using their platforms. The companies often allege Conservatives violate their terms of service and conditions by reportedly posting misinformation. Now, one company is banning a conservative immigration group but isn’t citing the specific violation of the company policy behind its decision.

As the midterm elections inch closer, Conservatives might be on notice that Big Tech companies could use anything they do or say against them. On Thursday, January 16, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Slack banned the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) from using its platform. The company decision left FAIR leaders shell-shocked at what occurred.

Slack Bans Immigration Group

FAIR is one of the largest non-profit immigration groups that advocates for the end of illegal immigration and the enforcement of America’s laws to secure the US southern border. The group has around 50 private foundations and a diverse membership of over 1.9 million Americans who want to see illegal immigration reduced.

On Wednesday, Slack informed FAIR it could no longer use the platform. In response to an inquiry by the Free Beacon, Slack only cited its Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy for the rationale. The media outlet reported that the company’s position is that users may not utilize the platform to encourage or incite violence or hatred.

On Thursday, FAIR President Dan Stein responded to Slack. He cautioned the company that legal recourse was coming and sternly suggested it keep all communications involving the company’s decision to remove FAIR from its platform. Stein also stated that Slack violated its contract by not notifying the non-profit it was closing FAIR’s account without notice or a prior warning.

Additionally, Stein said he would like to know what involvement the government had in the decision to close FAIR’s account if any. He noted that if the government officials intervened in any way, it would be of significant interest to Americans.

Slack Says FAIR Was Affiliated With Hate Group

Slack’s spokesperson told the Free Beacon that it banned FAIR because it allegedly had a relationship with a known hate group and for the repeated violations of its terms of service. He said when the company learns an organization, company, or individual is using its product for illegal or harmful purposes, it conducts an investigation and acts appropriately.

Still, Slack won’t say what content FAIR created caused the ban. Some question whether “an affiliation” provides legal standing to censor or ban an organization or whether the allegation is even true because Slack never provided FAIR an opportunity to defend itself.

Could it have more to do with left-wing activist owner Marc Benioff’s worldview? Benioff, owner of Salesforce, Slack’s parent company, has been referred to as Tech’s woke CEO.

Stay tuned. There’s likely to be much more to the story in the coming weeks and months.

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