Blake Masters Under Fire for Mocking Hiring Practices at the Fed

Blake Masters Under Fire for Mocking Hiring Practices at the Fed

Top Republican’s Tweet Gets Him in BIG Trouble

( – Arizona is an intense battleground that some say tilts towards the GOP. Outside its two US Senators, Republicans hold the governorship and the state legislature in the Grand Canyon State. On August 2, Arizona held its primary elections. Republican Senatorial candidate Blake Masters earned 39% of the vote and the opportunity to face incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in November. Now, he’s under fire for sarcastically mocking the hiring practices at the Federal Reserve.

On Saturday, August 27, the AP posted on Twitter that the central bank has become the most diverse in its 109-year history. Masters offered a tongue-in-cheek response that didn’t sit as well as he might have liked.

Throughout his bid for the Senate primary, Masters has been somewhat controversial. Old social media posts and other comments made by the candidate in the past resurfaced that cast a negative light on him. He appeared to create the narratives to make a point; some certainly got it. Once, he called for unrestricted immigration while referring to drug smugglers as “heroes.” Regarding January 6, he called the Capitol Hill riot an FBI false flag operation. He also blamed Black Americans for the rise in gun violence.

On August 30, the RealClearPolitics average of polls showed Masters running behind Kelly by six points. In the most recent Trafalgar Group poll, he’s behind only 4 points, which was inside the margin of error.

So, will his controversial comments help or hurt him with voters in two months?

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