BLM Leader Arrested After Cockroaches Released in Courthouse

BLM Leader Arrested After Cockroaches Released in Courthouse

BLM Leader ARRESTED As Protest Goes Overboard!

( – The media regularly reports on activist misbehavior when they advocate for their causes. Some actions are more extreme than others, but few are as gross as this. On Tuesday, June 14, in Albany, New York, BLM leader Clyanna Lightbourn was one of four activists appearing in court after prosecutors charged them for illegally protesting in support of an anti-eviction bill.

During the arraignment, protests broke out inside the courtroom. The 34-year-old activist took out her phone to film the disturbance despite rules against cameras in the courtroom. The authorities told Lightbourn to stop filming the proceedings. During Lightbourn’s altercation with court authorities, someone released hundreds of cockroaches into the building.

It appears someone snuck the cockroaches into the courthouse in concealed plastic containers. Police arrested Lightbourn and charged her with tampering with physical evidence, obstruction of government administration, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Prosecutors said they would seek restitution for the cost of fumigating and removing the cockroaches from the building. Officials moved the court hearings online for the remainder of the day.

Lightbourn worked for the New York Senate Democratic Conference Services Office at the time of her arrest, but her employer fired her shortly after the incident. She’s known for her activism against the killings of unarmed black people. So far, law enforcement officials haven’t connected Lightbourn to the release of the cockroaches. The investigation is ongoing.

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