BLM Leader Faces Sexual Assault Allegations From Over 62 People

BLM Leader Faces Sexual Assault Allegations From Over 62 People

( – A Black Lives Matter leader, and Denver Public School Board member is under serious investigation for alleged inappropriate and sexual misconduct. On Sunday, May 31, Tay Anderson said he was stepping away from his everyday responsibilities as a school board member to address allegations of sexual assault. Denver Public Schools hired an outside firm to investigate the matter before Anderson offered to step away.

The school district launched the investigation after a local Black Lives Matter group reported that a woman came to them and accused Anderson of sexual assault in March. Anderson was associated with the BLM previously. The group issued a tweet calling for restorative justice and prompting the school board investigation.

It appears that’s not the only accusation against Mr. Anderson. In 2018, Anderson allegedly participated in inappropriate behavior during his tenure as president of Never Again Colorado, an anti-gun violence group.

An unnamed parent testified before a state legislative committee that 62 school-aged children came to her last August seeking protection from a man in a “position of trust.” She did not state that individual’s name, but school board members later confirmed that the individual in question was Anderson.

The Denver Police Department is currently investigating the allegations against Anderson, and several groups are calling for his resignation from the school board. Mr. Anderson denies the accusations.

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