Blue State Deports Migrants

Photo by Julie Ricard on Unsplash

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is moving migrants from the sanctuary city to a hotel in the Rockland County suburbs in New York. According to many officials, this is not something that the community has the resources to handle and it is an “unfortunate passing of the buck” by both the federal government and New York City.

Teresa Kenny, a County Supervisor took to Facebook to note that Adams had informed her about the plans to move migrants to the hotel in Orangetown, which she later found out was referring to the “Armoni Inn located in Orangeburg.” She proceeded to argue that this situation clearly required a federal solution and that transporting people to a location that did not have the resources to satisfy their needs was a “betrayal” to all those people who viewed New York City as a sanctuary.

Adams first announced this plan on Friday as a solution to temporarily house 300 single-adult men who were asylum seekers. As he has noted over the past few months Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had sent more than 57,000 migrants to New York City. He added that by relocating some of the migrants to the areas around New York City he would be dispersing the cost to house and care for all the migrants which would increase to $4 billion through fiscal year 2024.

In preparation for the arrival of the migrants, more than a dozen mattresses have been dropped at the hotel that the men will be transported to. The mayor has argued that this move would empty up space in New York City for the hundreds of asylum seekers that continue to arrive in the city.

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