Bounty Issued to Put Putin Behind Bars

Bounty Issued to Put Putin Behind Bars

( – A Russian businessman living in the United States is taking a tough stand regarding his home country’s leader, President Vladimir Putin. Alex Konanykhin, a US resident since the 1990s, is offering a $1 million bounty to any officer in Russia’s military who arrests Putin for war crimes and brings him to justice.

Konanykhin is a California-based crypto-investor who remains a Russian citizen. He says he’s also an ethnic Russian with a “moral duty” to fight to remove Putin in what he calls the “de-Nazification of Russia.” He’s calling on other Russians to do the same, saying if enough of the Russian people take a stand, the chances increase that Putin will face justice.

Before coming to the US, Konanykhin was a popular entertainer in Russia and its wealthiest citizen. According to Forbes, he was worth $300 million when he departed his motherland in 1992, and he hasn’t visited since.

The millionaire didn’t offer a clear answer when asked if he fears reprisal from Putin. Instead, he said although the dictator is known to murder his enemies, there are now millions of them. He’s not alone in his plight because other wealthy Russians, including a sizeable collection of oligarchs, have taken cautious yet unprecedented stands against Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

Konanykhin’s bounty isn’t a simple grievance with a million-dollar prize. He lists several violations of the Russian Constitution among his reasons for asking for Putin’s removal. His most serious accusation is the murder of political opponents to control free elections.

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