California Governor Facing Extreme Criticism Even From Democrats

California Governor Facing Extreme Criticism Even From Democrats

( – For months, California Republicans expressed dismay and frustration at Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) extreme measures to curtail COVID-19. They are so angry over the harm caused to the California economy and destructive orders aimed at small businesses that a recall petition has gained almost enough support to call for a May election to oust the governor. It’s no longer just Republicans expressing concern, however. Democrats and their allies are now speaking out, as well.

Democrats’ criticism is mainly due to a lack of transparency about why, how, and when decisions are being made. State health officials refuse to provide information and data on which Newsom is making decisions. Some Democrats suggest that the root cause of Newson’s problem is that he refuses to listen to his own party or communicate. As a result, the governor is alienating allies in what’s developing into a no-win-situation.

In addition to disgruntled Democrats, the recall petition proponents are tapping into upset labor unions and the public affected economically by the continually changing rules of the governor’s shutdown. As Democrats and their allies start to speak out, it undercuts Newsom’s message that extremists on the far right are driving a partisan hit job.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, a recall election to replace Gov. Newsom may be announced for this May.

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