Canada to End Mandates After Truckers Rise Up

Canada to End Mandates After Truckers Rise Up

( – Alberta Premier Jason Kenney held a press conference on Tuesday, February 8, to announce that the Canadian Province will follow a three-step plan to end COVID-19 restrictions by midnight Tuesday, February 15. Kenney also told reporters everyone needs to start learning how to live with COVID, and the rules have only managed to divide the country.

Kenney also addressed the vaccine passports, saying the QR code system for vaccinated individuals would remain in place, but businesses won’t be mandated to enforce it. He added he’s hopeful the restrictions will end in the coming months as Canadians get used to living with the virus. He stated it’s a “free market,” and businesses have a right to operate as they wish.

The three-stage approach would also include ending almost all restrictions, including mask mandates in schools from kindergarten to Grade 12, as soon as early next week but says some general mandates would still apply to specific personnel.

Kenney stated venues capable of holding more than 500 to 1000 people would still need to follow capacity regulations during stage one, and restaurants will continue to follow closing time regulations, including dining capacity limits.

Stage two should follow within weeks, but only if hospitals continue to report decreases in COVID-19 admissions. He said authorities would lift most of the restrictions, including general mask mandates, capacity limits, and work-from-home mandates.

Stage three would see citizens returning to normalcy, given hospitals don’t become overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. Kenney also commented on the “Freedom Convey” to Ottawa, saying Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should extend the vaccine exemption for truck drivers who don’t want to get the forced jab.

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