Children Forced to Watch Teacher Dressed as Drag Queen For “Art”

Children Forced to Watch Teacher Dressed as Drag Queen For

( – It seems anymore that the Left is constantly aiming to undermine parental rights. In 2021, the debate in America about education in public schools centered on Critical Race Theory (CRT). Four months into 2022, it’s about transgender issues in education. Recently, a high school French teacher obtained permission from school administrators to perform a song and dance routine in drag.

French teacher Matthew Kashdan performed on the high school stage in a high-cut blue dress, red boots, and a blond wig. He danced to the song Rain on Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. According to Empower Wisconsin, the performance was a surprise to students. It was also upsetting to many parents who believe a public school isn’t the place for a drag show.

The school district’s director of Information and Public Relations, Shannon Valladolid, said the performance met the district’s extensive definition of “The Arts.” A group of parents emailed conservative talk show host Vicki McKenna a copy of the video. They asked her if a teacher could perform in drag in school under the guise it’s a Fine Arts program; what else might school administrators approve? Is it okay to pole dance or strip in front of children? Parents also questioned what else Kashdan was doing in the classroom full of high schoolers.

So, what do you think? Should school officials have allowed the teacher to perform in drag?

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