Children Received Puberty Blockers After a Single Consultation

Children Received Puberty Blockers After a Single Consultation

Doctors Issue LIFE-CHANGING Medication to Children After ONE Visit!

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has pushed to allow self-identifying pre-teens to receive puberty blockers and surgeries to transition from one gender to another. In the United Kingdom, the issue may head in the other direction. The Tavistock Centre is the only British medical provider allowed to treat transgender children. After whistleblowers exposed what was happening behind closed doors, the government ordered it to close.

Dr. David Bell told government officials that the Tavistock Centre gave children life-changing puberty blockers after only one consultative meeting. He said the way the facility handled kids was inappropriate. He alleged health professionals immediately affirmed a child’s gender identity, put them on powerful drugs, and began removing their sexual organs.

Some say the criticism and government orders are long overdue as the problems go back at least two decades. Dr. Bell said one girl told him she received treatment at 16. Now an adult, she said she doesn’t have the body of a man but instead a mutilated woman.

Another whistleblower claimed that the excessive transgender treatments were related to political pressure, not standard clinical mental healthcare standards. As political candidates run to replace outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the two leading candidates say they may ban puberty blockers for children in the UK.

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