Children’s Hospital Hit in Possible War Crime

Children's Hospital Hit in Possible War Crime

( – The Russian invasion into Ukraine may be exacting a greater toll than Russian President Vladimir Putin expected. That’s leading some to suggest Putin could be getting desperate. In recent days, Western countries suggested Putin committed war crimes after failing to allow civilians safe passage from the country along humanitarian routes. The White House warned Russia’s early failures could lead to a more extensive military offensive. On Thursday, March 10, the Russian president may have crossed a major red line according to Ukrainian officials.

As Russia entered the third week of military operations in Ukrainian, the invaders reportedly failed to achieve any of their objectives. On Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported Russia had bombed a maternity and children’s hospital the previous day. Pictures of the bombed medical facility showed pregnant women struggling to flee the bombed-out facility and children buried under the rubble. Reports say 17 people died in the attack.

Zelenskyy accused the Russians of committing genocide and war crimes and asked how much longer the world would stand by and watch the horror show? The Ukrainian president continued to plead with Western countries to impose a no-fly zone over his country and stricter sanctions before Russia obliterated it.

The Biden administration condemned the bombing as barbaric. Still, the Russians claimed they do not attack civilian targets and said the hospital was a staging ground for attacks against Russian forces.

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