China Is Secretly Censoring Anti-Putin Content

China Is Secretly Censoring Anti-Putin Content

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a new alliance between the two countries ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics in early February. It appears China may be deepening its loyalty to Russia. As Putin continues to invade Ukraine, a new censorship directive leaked from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It stated that Chinese media outlets shouldn’t report pro-Western or negative Russian news stories.

Chinese experts say the CCP wants to portray the United States, NATO, and the West as untrustworthy. Not only is Beijing instructing its media outlets on acceptable commentary subjects, but it’s also directing them to pay close attention to reader comments on website news stories. The CCP said each news agency is responsible for sifting through readers’ comments and controlling the narrative by filtering suitable comments to post to their websites.

Part of the reasoning may not just be because of China and Russia’s newfound alliance. China might be preparing to invade Taiwan sometime soon. The CCP initially wanted to give Taiwan the impression it would be delusional to believe the US would protect the island. Yet, Chinese experts say the CCP has backed off from that view after the West initiated strong sanctions and demonstrated a united front against Russia.

Still, whatever the reason, the Chinese government is hard at work censoring content and controlling the flow of information within its borders.

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