China Launches Massive Military Operation as Joe Biden Tours Eastern Asia

China Launches Massive Military Operation as Joe Biden Tours Eastern Asia

China HUMILIATES Joe Biden – Issues Public Message!

( – On Friday, May 20, President Joe Biden left the White House to embark on a six-day trip to East Asia. As part of the trip, the president expected to meet with South Korean and Japanese leaders to encourage deepening their partnership with the US in the region to counter China’s increasing prowess in the area. However, ahead of Biden’s trip, the Chinese began conducting military drills, including the use of massive military bombers and fighter jets, which accompanied an aircraft carrier group. According to experts, the Chinese show of force could be a rehearsal to intimidate America and its allies over Taiwan ahead of and during Biden’s trip.

The Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper said the military drills were a powerful warning to the US and Taiwan secessionists. As part of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) One China Policy, the government considers Taiwan a part of its sovereign territory. Chinese officials have threatened the tiny island nation for decades with the looming threat of an invasion if they fail to submit to the CCP.

The show of force is occurring strategically between Taiwan and Japan as China fears Biden and US-Asian allies may issue a joint statement comparing China’s ambitions regarding Taiwan with Russia’s intentions regarding Ukraine.

On Wednesday, May 18, Chinese officials warned National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that if the US continues to compare China and Russia using what it called “the Taiwan card,” China will take firm action to protect its sovereign interests without hesitation.

Stay tuned. The situation involving China and Taiwan could escalate quickly.

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