China Locks Down a University

China Locks Down a University

( – China continues to experience isolated outbreaks of COVID-19. Fortunately, the government has been able to prevent any significant spread of the contagious virus through temporary mitigation measures and high vaccination rates, which are among the highest in the world. In the northeastern city of Dalian, officials locked down 1,500 university students following an outbreak of the virus, and hundreds were under observation by health officials.

Zhuanghe University reported several dozen positive cases of COVID-19. On Monday, November 15, the National Health Commission said 32 people tested positive nationwide over the weekend, and 25 of them were in Dalian. The lockdown is the latest case of China’s zero-tolerance policy towards the outbreak.

Students are not participating in a classroom setting during the lockdown. Instead, they attend classes remotely, and food is delivered directly to their rooms. On Wednesday, November 17, Beijing announced anyone arriving in the region by plane, train, bus, or car must provide a negative test from the previous 48 hours or face quarantine.

As winter draws closer, the authorities began booster vaccinations, and quarantines have been a big part of the government’s response to containing the highly transmissible virus. In addition, obligatory testing and travel restrictions are the new norms for those near outbreak hotspots in China.

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