China Orders Rare Sanctions on Taiwanese Officials After Pelosi’s Visit

China Orders Rare Sanctions on Taiwanese Officials After Pelosi's Visit

Taiwan in TROUBLE – Pelosi to Blame?

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defied the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and visited Taiwan on August 2. Soon after, China responded with potential threats of invasion against the small island. Beijing claims Taiwan is part of its sovereign territory, but Taiwanese officials say they are a democratic and independent country. Soon after Pelosi left, the Chinese government sanctioned her. Now, it’s seven Taiwanese lawmakers and officials to the list.

China’s official Xinhua News Agency said those sanctioned were part of a provocative group intent on independence and referred to them as a “diehard” element within the democratic government. It added their actions “recklessly undermined peace and stability.” As a result, Beijing banned them from travel and business in mainland China.

A Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson said the sanctions applied for life. Still, it may not mean much since the CCP has little control over the island’s leaders. One lawmaker declared the move was like a medal on his chest and an honor Beijing gave them the same treatment as Pelosi.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Joanne Ou, said sanctions were evidence China overreacted. She stated the mainland was looking for a way to fabricate a crisis, and it couldn’t interfere in the affairs of the Democratic country. Ou added that the communists would not intimidate Taipei.

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