China Playing Dangerous Game With U.S.

Photo by Yan Ke on Unsplash

( – The Pentagon has claimed that over this last year, China has employed more provocative and dangerous tactics in the Indo-Pacific.

This week the annual report of the Defense Department on China’s military power was released. The report warns that the People’s Republic of China believes that its “no limit” partnership with Russia is going to allow the country to develop and emerge as a “great power.” The Pentagon added that China was estimating that their nation would be rejuvenated by 2049 and that they would become a “national power.”

Officials have argued that China is the United States’ “only competitor” and that they were trying to change the current world order. In their efforts to rejuvenate the country, the report claims that China has been trying to expand its national power by modernizing its military, social, and political order. They add that the PRC is viewing the U.S. as attempting to block their efforts to better their governance which could block their national strategy.

In terms of the country’s tactics in the Indo-Pacific region, the report points out that China has been taking more provocative and coercive actions. As an example, for two years after the fall of 2021, the United States documented more than 180 cases where the country had attempted “coercive and risky air intercepts” against aircraft of the United States in the region. There were also 100 cases of “coercive and risky operational behavior in the air domain” against partners and allies of the United States.

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