China questions America’s Credibility

China questions America’s Credibility

( – On Tuesday, August 24, Vice President Kamala Harris chastised China for its aggression in the South China Sea. According to her, the Chinese communist government coerces and intimidates those in the region and undermines rules-based order while threatening the sovereignty of Taiwan. China does not recognize the small nation because it considers the island a part of its One China policy.

Harris’s harsh language comes as the United States tries to solidify its Asian allies in the wake of the administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Predictably, China didn’t take her criticism well, and its representatives laughed and scoffed at the Biden administration’s tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded to Harris’s remarks. He said the US no longer enjoys international credibility. The spokesman added the US never pays the price for its selfish smears, suppression, coercion, or bullying of other countries, and he questioned who believes the United States after Afghanistan.

Wenbin wasn’t alone in his criticism. China’s U.N. Ambassador Chen Xu told the UN Human Rights Council it should hold the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia accountable for violating human rights leading to the current crisis in Afghanistan. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying mocked America, saying everywhere the US goes, it leaves behind political divisions, broken families, death, and other scars.

Like those in Singapore, some allies have adopted a wait-and-see attitude until the dust settles on the Afghanistan situation. It appears solidifying alliances in Asia could be an uphill battle even in the face of escalating Chinese aggression.

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