China’s President Is About To Meet With Saudi Arabia

China's President Is About To Meet With Saudi Arabia

China’s President Has a MYSTERIOUS Meeting Planned

( – The United States and Saudi Arabia have enjoyed deep ties for nearly 70 years. The US embassy in the gulf country says the two nations share a common concern for security in the Middle East, oil exports and imports, and sustainable development. That said, the 2020 presidential election marked a shift in policy after then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden declared the Arab nation a “pariah.”

Since then, gas prices in the US have exploded. President Biden turned to Saudi Arabia for help, but was rebuffed upon his request. A little more than a month after the president traveled to the country without much fanfare, Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Saudi Arabia during the Week of August 15. It could signal Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) may be moving his allegiance.

Saudis Plan Gala Reception

On Thursday, August 11, the Associated Press reported that Beijing didn’t have any information to provide about the upcoming trip. Still, The Guardian wrote the Arab country is planning a gala reception for Xi. It’ll be the first time he’s visited the Crown Prince since January 2020.

The discussions ahead of the Chinese head of state’s visit are in stark contrast to Biden’s in July. The US president’s low-key reception reflected the two countries’ strained relationships over the last year. When former President Donald Trump visited, MBS gave him a state dinner and a top-notch experience. It now appears Xi will receive similar treatment.

Over the last two decades, Saudi Arabia and China have developed a growing relationship. Riyadh defended China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims, staunchly at odds with the US view that both nations violate human rights. China has become the oil state’s largest trade partner in recent years.

Is US Influence Dissipating in the Middle East?

In the final year of Trump’s presidency, the US achieved widespread acclaim for brokering peace deals across the Middle East. Yet, in the first 18 months of Biden’s presidency, the US has seemingly ignored the region.

On Friday, the administration denied that the United States was losing regional influence. Special Envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking, told CNBC the US asserted its commitment in July and stated the “United States is not going anywhere.”

Still, critics argue that Biden’s visit did little to strengthen ties between the two countries. In contrast, Saudi Arabia and China signed an agreement to increase energy cooperation between the two nations. If the communist nation successfully draws closer to the Arab nation, it could significantly leverage oil markets. That might put the US in a disadvantageous situation if the Commander in Chief continues to topple US energy production at home while the two superpowers become more adversarial.

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